23 December 2019

My Solaris Highlights 2019

And another year nearly done. Here my highlights in the field of Oracle Solaris.

In March we at JomaSoft made our VDCF Version 7.2 available with enhancements for Solaris Monitoring and Systems Verification.

If you would like to learn more about “Oracle Solaris 11.4” which is available since August 2018
you can watch the 2 hours Oracle Virtual Seminar which was held in April by the Oracle Solaris Product Managers.

Mid May Oracle organized the “Oracle Solaris Tech Day” in Prague. This was a full day event in a nice European city. Very interesting presentations and discussions with the Solaris Engineers.

May 22th I could talk about the small, but powerful SPARC S7-2 Servers at the SOUG Day in
Olten (Switzerland). You can download the german presentation/pdf

In August I talked at the Robotron Oracle Fokustag in Wil about OS Security with Oracle Solaris.

I missed Oracle Open World in San Francisco this September, but the presentations
can be downloaded. You can find the list of Solaris/SPARC Session in my 
blog post “Solaris Session PDF of Oracle Open World 2019”

Every year
in November the largest Oracle User Conference in Europe takes place in Nuremberg, Germany. The DOAG Conference: Good location, food and lots of technical sessions.
This year I could talk about the two Topics “Solaris 11.4” and “Private Cloud on SPARC”
Here the Links to the 2 german PDFs:

In November and December I was at 5 Locations in Germany (Hamburg, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, München and Berlin) to present our JomaSoft VDCF Solaris Management Solution and to explain how to make Solaris Operations more efficient.

After several years in the Oracle ACE Community Oracle nominated me at the highest Level in the ACE Program as an “Oracle ACE Director”.

Now its time to relax a few days. More about Oracle Solaris in 2020. Stay tuned.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all Oracle Solaris Engineers, Consultants and Admins.