22 December 2021

Oracle Increases Max Memory for SPARC T8 Servers by 2x

Oracle does now deliver 128 GB DIMM for the SPARC T8 and M8 Servers.

Using this new DIMMs every SPARC M8 CPU has now access to 2 TB of Memory.

All the details on the Oracle Blog


02 December 2021

Adjust Time Quickly at Boot on Solaris Servers

On Solaris 11.4 NTP does update the time after boot.
By default this can take a few minutes, because the NTP client
waits for a few reply's of the NTP servers.

To update the time quickly it is recommended to use the 'burst iburst'
flags in the ntp.conf

server <ntpserverip> burst iburst

Using this configuration NTP adjusts the time a few seconds after start.
This is an important configuration if you start your apps or databases automatically.