31 March 2021

Online Events about Oracle Solaris 04/2021

April 13th, 2021   9:00 am -  11:00 am PT

Oracle Webinar: Systems Engineering Forum Oracle Solaris and SPARC

Modernizing Enterprise Infrastructure with Oracle Solaris and SPARC
Simplifying Security and Compliance with Oracle Solaris (Incl. Demo)
Continuous Observability of Systems and Applications on Oracle Solaris (Incl. Demo)

April 27th, 2021    9:00 AM IST | 11:30 AM SGT | 1:30 PM AEST

Oracle Webinar: Infrastructure Modernization Forum: Oracle SPARC & Solaris

Oracle Compute Platforms for On-Prem Deployments

During this virtual event you will learn the vision and strategy of
Oracle Solaris and SPARC servers and more.

05 March 2021

Do you have the overview of your Solaris server patch levels?

To have updated systems is very important for security and stability reasons.

Oracle releases patch updates each quarter for Solaris 10 and Solaris 11.3 till 01/2024.
This patches only fix the most important issues, but not all.
To receive this patches for the older Solaris releases you need Extended Support.

It is highly recommended to update to the current Solaris 11.4 release.
For Solaris 11.4 there is a SRU (Support Repository Update) each month.

Make sure you know which Solaris server are not yet on the recommended level.

With our JomaSoft VDCF management tool for Solaris you have a good realtime overview of the Levels.

Learn more about VDCF


04 March 2021

Online Events about Oracle Solaris 03/2021

Mar 10, 2021 09:00 - 10:00 CET

Oracle Webinar: Oracle Solaris Update

This webinar will give an update on the Oracle Solaris operating system recent advancements. There is a specific focus on the observability in Solaris and compliance in Solaris. These will help you to improve the performance and secure compliance to regulatory requirements like PCI DSS for example. The webinar consists of a presentation and demonstrations of these features. 



Mar 16, 2021 19:00 - 20:30 CET

FRAOSUG - Frankfurt Area OpenSolaris User Group: Virtual Datacenter Cloud Framework


Das “Virtual Datacenter Cloud Framework” (VDCF ) ist seit 2006 verfügbar, inzwischen in der Version 8.1. Es deckt den ganzen Life Cycle von Solaris Systemen ab und unterstützt die SPARC und x86 Platform. Mittels einer Handvoll intuitiver Befehle können virtuelle Solaris Umgebungen auch von unerfahrenen Solaris Administratoren erstellt und betrieben werden.