31 August 2022

Support State of Oracle SPARC T5-2 Server

The SPARC T5-2 is a very successful server, but a bit old now.
Oracle shipped the last T5-2s five years ago in 2017.

Oracle still supports this server, but after 5 years after Last Ship
replacement parts delivery is not  guaranteed anymore.

But there are newer generations of Oracle SPARC servers available
with faster CPUs and Memory and less use of power. There are various
options to migrate the existing Ldoms, Zones or Apps to the new servers.

Take a look at the new SPARC servers at

17 August 2022

New Features in Solaris 11.4 SRU48 (August 2022)

Another quarterly Solaris "feature" SRU including

Kernel Zones: Live storage migration
New defaults for Auditing
quota check removed from /etc/profile
zfs list/get -u (unsorted)
Memory Reservation Pool for OSM
svcs ISO standard date format
Python 2.7 Freeze/Remove admin helper scripts
Node.js 18 for Solaris x86
Configurable ldmd certificate locations for LDoms
Ruby 3.1

and many, many FOSS updates

Stay tuned for more blogs about this new features

12 August 2022