27 June 2019

Oracle Solaris 11.4 - Sparse IPS Repository Updates

Oracle releases Solaris 11 Updates (SRU) each month. Such SRUs include all the changed packages (enhancements and fixes) since the GA version. Overtime the size of the SRU increases.
The last SRU 35 for Solaris 11.3 consists of 6 files with 8.2 GB in total.

For user without internet connection from the Solaris systems to Oracle this manual downloads takes some time each month.

With Solaris 11.4 Oracle introduced an additional download option. The Sparse Repository Updates, which only include the changes between the SRUs. This is ideal for user who download each SRU every month. The download size is reduced. The SRU10 Sparse Update (June 2019) consists of 3.5 GB (2 files) compared to the full SRU10 which is 8.6 GB (5 files).

If you don't download each SRU you still use the full SRUs.

On My Oracle Support (MOS) you can find all the Solaris 11.4 SRU on this index page:

Oracle Solaris 11.4 Support Repository Updates (SRU) Index (Doc ID 2433412.1)