29 August 2020

Why we are using SPARC LDoms

Oracle and Fujitsu SPARC Servers include the LDoms Technology. There are no additional costs.
If you see the "Marketing" name 'Oracle VM Server for SPARC'. That is exactly this LDoms Technology.

You can create individual Domains with dedicated CPU and RAM resources running
different Solaris Releases. Use of CPU and RAM is very efficient, because there is no software layer involved. You can add and remove CPU and RAM while the LDoms is running!

Access to Disk and Network can be done virtualized. Performance is good. Using such a virtualized setup the Domains can be live migrated between Servers with the same type of CPU. You can cold migrate (with downtime) between different types of Server in a few minutes.

You place different customers and applications in different LDoms. Good aproach to consolidate your environment.

We at JomaSoft use this technology very successful since years ourselfs and at customer sites.
Our VDCF tool makes deployment and management of LDoms very easy.

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