18 January 2022

Current State and Updates for Oracle Solaris 01/2022

Oracle Solaris 11.4 is supported by Oracle at *least* till 11/2034.
I'm not aware of any other Vendor with such a long term guarantee.

Today, 18th January 2022 the SRU41 (CPU JAN 2022) was released.
All the details on MOS in Doc 2433412.1
Every quarter a CPU (Critical Patch Update) is made available,
which is recommended to be installed on production systems.

Every month after the CPU a SRU with several new features
is released. Stay tunned for February 2022 !

Additionally Patches for Solaris 10 and ESU for Solaris 11.3
was made available. This updates are only available for Customers
with "Extended/Vintage Support"

Solaris 11.3 ESU 36.27   MOS 2759706.1
Solaris 10   a few new patches

This Extended Support for the older Solaris Releases ends on 01/2024.
Time to plan and prepare upgrades to Solaris 11.4.

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  1. Very good piece of information. Our System Administrator are planning to upgrade Solaris 10 to 11.4.