23 February 2022

Solaris 11.4 SRU42 (Feb 2022) - LDom Migration Class 2

SRU42 introduced a new LDom Migration Class. This class
allows to do Cross CPU Live Migration between SPARC S7,M7 and M8
CPUs. LDoms using this migration-class2 can use the ADI features
of this new CPUs and still can Live Migrate between this modern
SPARC Servers.

To change the cpu-arch setting you need to shutdown and unbind
your LDom

# ldm stop g0061
# ldm unbind g0061
# ldm set-domain cpu-arch=migration-class2 g0061
# ldm bind g0061
# ldm start g0061

The JomaSoft VDCF Management Software recognises this new
cpu-arch with Version 8.2.2 or later.

Find out more about VDCF

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