02 March 2022

Solaris 11.4 SRU42 / Non-Production Personal Use Update

For developers Solaris 11.4 GA was made available in 2018.

Updates/SRUs are (only) delivered to customers with support contract.
Since Oracle changed to the continuous delivery model there was
no update for developers since 42 months.

This changed today !!

The public Solaris IPS repository contains the SRU42


More details on:


  1. A shame. I just decommissioned my Solaris 11.4 fileserver last weekend, in large part because of lack of updates.

    Good luck with Solaris.

  2. Same here - I’ve just migrated my home nas to a different platform - partially because of lack of updates.

    Still, it’s a good development for people still using Solaris, even if waaay overdue.