05 January 2023

I/O experiences with Solaris X86 on OCI

Ultra High Performance(UHP) block volumes can't be attached to Solaris
at the moment using ISCSI. This type of volume can only be attached
paravirtualized to a VM.
The volume should be able to handle 1200MB/s.
The maximum I could reach on a large VM was 750MB/s.

Best solution seems to use Balanced with Auto-tune.
I/O limits are based on the volume size, for example
for a 50GB volume the limit is at 30MB/s

Highest for a 1TB volume is around 600MB/s on bare metal.
On a large VM I could reach the same 600MB/s. Looks like
the virtualization layer has no impact on the performance.

On smaller VMs the performance is limited
by the network speed and the number of CPUs.
With 2 cores the maximum I reached was around 250MB/s


  1. Marcel, can we have more details about testing process? How was it done? With FIO? Thanks.